Understanding Side Effects of Cancer Medication

Photo credit: clarita from morguefile.com

Cancer is no longer incurable. However, when one takes medication to get rid of cancerous cells, commonly they face some adverse side effects. Most of cancer medication causes some side effects. It is the cost you pay to get healthy again.

It is also generally seen that people consider the side effects of cancer medication as the symptoms of Cancer. Patients have to learn to differentiate b/w side effects of cancer treatment and the problems caused by cancer itself.
The side effects of drugs vary. Unlike popular belief all cancer treatment doesn’t cause permanent hair loss or illness. Furthermore, doctors have divided the side effects in two parts for each drug. The side effects are categorized as Common, Occasional, and Rare. Each drug for cancer cure may have different side effects. So, it is highly important to co-ordinate with your doctor. You can ask the doctor, what side effects to expect.

The side effects of these medicines can be different for different people. Some people are fortunate and they get only mild side effects. However, it is not possible for the doctor to predict, which or how many side affects you may or may not get. The answer to this question is a rather difficult one. It depends on the kind of drug you are using, the time span you have used that drug, your health and ability to sustain the side effects, the amount of drug intake, whether the drug is being injected or are you taking pill and finally are you having any other treatment along with the cancer treatment. So, it is important to know the answer of all these questions, to be able to predict what side effects one may or may not get. Find out more about how to manage side effects from cancer treatment on this site managed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology . You can also find information by visiting the American Cancer Society.